Back Off the Buzzcut

Back off the Buzzcut for a Healthy Lawn! 

The most beneficial practice to maintain a healthy lawn is to set your mower height to a minimum of 2.5 – 3 inches, with 3 inches preferred. You may be shaking your head at this suggestion, but we stand by this advice.

Keeping your grass at a slightly higher height has many advantages, including: 

Drought Resistance 

Grass that is kept at a longer length will develop a more extensive root system due to the increased photosynthesis from the longer individual blades. The root system and leaf tissue will be able to hold more in its moisture reserve, and the lawn will then become more drought tolerant. A taller, thicker and more resilient lawn requires less irrigation, which allows for greater water conservation. 

Weed Control 

Once the lawn is maintained at a higher height, weeds are remarkably reduced. The blades start to fill in and the lawn becomes lush and dense. This crowds out the weeds that once thrived when the lawn was kept short. The longer blades provide more shade on the ground and help to prevent some broadleaf weeds from getting enough sunlight to sprout. Fewer weeds in your lawn means fewer chemical additives you need to use and less time spent on removal. 

Pro Tip: 

Never remove more than 1/3 of the total leaf blade in any one cut! If the lawn gets away from you, it’s best to take a little off and then cut it again in a few days.