Gardenview Scarlet Bee Balm (Monarda ‘Gardenview Scarlet’)

Showy Perennial with Long Summer Blooms

  • Hardiness Range: 4 to 9
  • Height: 3’ during peak season
  • Spread: 2’ to 3’+ (spreading)
  • Exposure: Full Sun, Tolerates Some Light Shade
  • Flower Color: Cherry Red

Why We Love It:
Gardenview Scarlet Bee Balm is a hardy and reliable perennial that is fantastic at attracting hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators, especially when planted in masses. Gardenview Scarlet stands 3 feet tall with vibrant cherry-red flowers that bloom from mid-summer to early autumn. Their fuzzy green leaves are delightfully fragrant and can be used in teas or enjoyed in a salad.

There are many varieties of bee balm, but Gardenview Scarlet is consistently a solid performer in SE Wisconsin perennial gardens. They are also deer and rabbit resistant!

Know Before You Plant:
When this plant is happy, it spreads. It can spread by rhizomes and also by self-seeding. You will want to give it extra elbow room, or be prepared to dig out extras and gift them to friends and family as the years go by.

If weather or conditions are wet, it can be susceptible to mildew on the leaves. This is a cosmetic concern and will not kill the bee balm, but it can make the appearance unfavorable for a while. As the plant matures, you can divide the clumps to allow for better air circulation.

You can trim the plant after it flowers to keep it bushier and encourage new growth. You’ll want to cut the plant down to 2” above the ground in late fall.

Where It Thrives:
Gardenview Scarlet Bee Balm is easily grown in medium to wet, moisture retentive soils in full sun to partial shade. They prefer rich, humusy soils in full sun, but do appreciate some afternoon shade in hotter climates (south of WI).

They are a great addition to perennial gardens or borders, herb gardens and pollinator gardens. They also do well when planted in moist sunny areas along streams or ponds.