Karen Azalea (Rhododendron ‘Karens’)

Showstopping Spring Blooms!

  • Hardiness Range: 5 to 8
  • Height: 3’ – 4’
  • Spread: 3’ – 4’
  • Exposure: Part Shade
  • Flower Color: Lavender-Pink

Why We Love It:
Karen Azalea (or Rhododendron) is a stunning variety that produces exceptional clusters of bright lavender-pink blooms. This evergreen azalea exhibits excellent winter hardiness and has proven itself to be hardier for us in SE Wisconsin than many other rhododendron/azalea varieties.

Karen Azalea is dense, compact, and works extremely well as a garden focal point or near front entrances. It is one of the first shrubs to bloom in early spring and stays a nice, manageable size of 4’ tall by 4’ wide. Its showy flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and its winter hardiness adds a bit of winter interest to the landscape.

Know Before You Plant:
Karen Azalea prefers acidic, well-draining soil and does not tolerate salt well. Be thoughtful with placement when planting – make sure to plant it in a semi-protected location to help shield it from the worst of the wind.

Because Karen Azalea blooms in spring only, we suggest tucking it behind summer or fall blooming perennials to extend the interest of the landscape once the azalea flowers have come and gone.

Where It Thrives:
Karen Azalea thrives when planted in an area that receives dappled sunlight, has acidic and well-draining soils, and is protected from harsh winds. It can be used as a garden focal point or planted in groups to enhance the showstopping blooms. It can be used along borders, in woodland gardens, or even containers.