Tricolor Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolor’)

One of Our Favorites for Foliage

  • Hardiness Range: 4 to 7
  • Height: 40’
  • Spread: 30’
  • Exposure: Partial to Full Sun
  • Leaf Color: Unfurling in spring in vivid pinks with a white margin, darkening to burgundy and deep bronze as the year goes on. 

Why We Love It:

Tricolor Beech trees have stunning foliage color that offers a unique addition to your landscape. They display bright pink hues that deepen to a dark burgundy red as summer wears on and the days get warmer. They have smooth bark, which offers a delicate texture to the branches and stems. Tricolor Beech trees provide shade and beautiful foliage throughout the spring and summer, their leaves turn coppery in the autumn, and they let in ample sunlight during the winter months. This makes the Tricolor Beech an excellent choice to place near your favorite window here in Wisconsin.

Tricolor Beech can be grown as single-stem or multi-stem form. They are often low-branched, but you can choose to selectively limb them up as they grow and mature.

Know Before You Plant:

Though adaptable to a variety of sites, these beautiful trees are usually best sited with some protection from extreme wind and harsh exposure.

Where It Thrives:

Does best in full sun to partial shade and prefers average to evenly moist conditions (will not tolerate standing water). It is somewhat tolerant of urban pollution, and will benefit from being planted in a relatively sheltered location.