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| April 26, 2021

How to Handle Peat Starter Plants

There are many different methods to consider when starting vegetable and herb seeds, and we use several approaches here at Piala’s. Some plants do best in sturdy pots with stakes (tomatoes, peppers) and others require more delicate handling of the root system.  Some veggies such as summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers, and beans are very […]

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Plants / Tips & Tricks

| March 30, 2021

Beyond Burning Bush: Fall-Scaping for Gorgeous Late Season Landscapes

Fall in Wisconsin is a bittersweet season. The initial dread of the upcoming winter months can lead to a reluctance to embrace the beauty in the fall landscape. This is a huge missed opportunity! September and October can (and should) be two of our most spectacular months outdoors. Another reason fall color can be neglected […]

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