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| July 1, 2023

Attract Birds and Butterflies; Feed the Babies!

While it can be concerning to notice leaves eaten by caterpillars, there are many reasons to value caterpillars in your gardens. They are both the precursors to butterflies and a leading source of nutrition for baby birds. Today, I would like to focus on the young – how do we create environments conducive to them […]

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| November 1, 2021

River Birch (Betula nigra)

A Favorite Tree for Winter Interest Hardiness Range: 4 to 9 Height: 40’ to 70’ Spread: 40’ Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade Fall Color: Yellow Why We Love It:This native tree is a lovely fast-growing shade tree to add to your landscape. While the natural habitat of River Birch is near a streambank or […]

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| May 1, 2021

Hyssop (Agastache)

A Favorite Perennial for Pollinators Why We Love It: Hyssop is absolutely fantastic at attracting pollinators – you will see a constant revolving door of bees, butterflies, and other welcome insects. This lovely perennial produces bold, aromatic flowers that bloom freely from mid-summer to mid-fall, and are excellent for cutting. You’ll want to deadhead the […]

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