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| February 14, 2023

Dormant Pruning

It may not be spring yet, but there is still work that can be done outdoors if you don’t mind the cold! Our Garden Center Manager and resident expert, Mike, sat down with me to discuss dormant pruning. Mike has been with Piala’s for over 10 years and received his Bachelor of Science degree in […]

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| August 1, 2021

Tricolor Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolor’)

One of Our Favorites for Foliage Hardiness Range: 4 to 7 Height: 40’ Spread: 30’ Exposure: Partial to Full Sun Leaf Color: Unfurling in spring in vivid pinks with a white margin, darkening to burgundy and deep bronze as the year goes on.  Why We Love It: Tricolor Beech trees have stunning foliage color that […]

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| March 17, 2021

Northern Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

Our Favorite Trees for Waukesha Hardiness Range: 4 to 8 Height: 40’-70’ Spread: 20’-50’ Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade Bloom Color: White Why We Love It:  Huge, dinner-plate sized leaves with gorgeous white flowers in spring.  The Catalpa is underutilized in home landscapes and provides a great alternative to overused, popular specimen shade trees.  One of the RARE trees […]

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